Very successful first leg of the STX Cycle


Very successful first leg of the STX Cycle


At Stal Hulsterlo, the first leg of the STX Cycle took place last weekend and it was a great success for the stallions of Stal de Muze and their offspring. Four-year-olds Perseus de Muze and Pegasus van ‘t Ruytershof realised a clear round and they were followed by clear rounds of Eames de Hus (five-year-olds), Navajo van ‘t Vianahof (six-year-olds) and Mithras de Regor (seven-year-olds). The latter even became second in the ranking of the day.

Besides the own performances of our stallions, the descendants of our more proven sires also excelled. In the class for four-year-olds, we noted clear rounds for six progeny by Vigo d’Arsouilles, four by Nabab de Rêve and two each by Elvis Ter Putte, Fantomas de Muze, Kasanova de la Pomme, I’m Special de Muze and Bamako de Muze.

Same story in the competition for five-year-olds, with no less than thirteen offspring by Elvis Ter Putte that jumped a clear round. An equal result was achieved by ten Vigo d’Arsouilles-progeny, five by Nabab de Rêve, three by I’m Special de Muze and Bamako de Muze, two by Denzel van het Meulenhof and finally one descendant of Fantomas de Muze and Kasanova de la Pomme.

Elvis Ter Putte did even better in the competition for six-year-olds with seventeen of his progeny realizing a clear round. Eight offspring by Nabab de Rêve did the same, as did four offspring by Vigo d’Arsouilles, three by I’m Special de Muze and one by Fantomas de Muze, Denzel van het Meulenhof, Bamako de Muze and Filou de Muze.

In the class for seven-year-olds, finally, we noted eight fault-free first rounds by Elvis Ter Putte-offspring. Nabab de Rêve and I’m Special de Muze each had two descendants that equaled that result. Bamako de Muze also delivered one disciple with a clear round.


Equally at the international level there were some fine performances by our stallions. El Torreo de Muze was doing great at the four-star-competition in Italian Gorla Minore with among others, an eighth place in a 1.50m-class. Gravity of Greenhill (s. Nabab de Rêve) and Julien Anquetin became second in another 1.50m-class at the same location. In the classes for young horses, Hello Zachary (s. Elvis Ter Putte, Scott Brash) and Neptune de Muze (s. Cadeau de Muze, Jane Richard Philips) stood out above the crowd.

In the GP3* of Arezzo, good old Gitano van Berckenbroek (s. Nabab de Rêve) and Juan Carlos Garcia performed admirably with a fourth place, after also becoming third place in another 1.45m-class. Nimrod de Muze Z (s. Nabab de Rêve) finally, finished second in a 1.40m-class with Laurent Goffinet.


Some more Nabab-power in the margin of the World Cup Finals in Swedish Göteborg with Jarvis van d’Abelendreef (s. Nabab de Rêve) and Linda Heed becoming third in a 1.50m-class. The limelight in the young horse class was stolen by Monalisa van ‘t Paradijs (s. Bamako de Muze) who won the finals for seven- and eight-year-olds horses with Gudrun Patteet.


Vino Z (s. Vigo d’Arsouilles) won the GP3* of Cagnes-sur-Mer with brio, ridden by Robin Muhr. Odile Gierech was mostly active in the young horse classes. She rode Geisha des Sequoias (s. Bamako de Muze, seven-year-olds) and Elton (s. Elvis Ter Putte, five-year-olds) to some fine placings.


Iphigeneia de Muze (s. Erco van ‘t Roosakker) continued her nice streak from last week with Gregory Wathelet as she won a 1.45m-class. Kevin Jochems and Flying Jackie (s. Nabab de Rêve) on their turn won the GP2*. Malissa de Muze (s. Vigo d’Arsouilles) became fifth in the final for seven-year-olds and Oak Grove’s I’m The One (s. I’m Special de Muze) won the final for six-year-olds, ridden by Harm Lahde.

Kronenberg & Sevilla

To round up this week’s overview, we go to Kronenberg, where Ikaberlina RV (s. Elvis Ter Putte) became third in a class for six-year-olds with Irish rider Jack O’Donohue. Finally, in Spanish Sevilla, Simon Prouvé and Milow-Prova (s. Nabab de Rêve) ended second in the final for seven-year-old horses.

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