What a weekend!


What a weekend!

Sometimes the pieces of the puzzle fall right into place and last weekend was that time in the final week of Knokke Hippique, 2022 edition. The highlight on Sunday was Mosito van het Hellehof's second place in the Rolex GP5*. This was his first start at five-star level by the way. To top it all off, he and Bernardo Alves were selected to represent the Brazilian team at the upcoming WEG in Herning.

On Saturday, Lector vd Bisschop jumped into the limelight with yet another GP victory under Koen Vereecke. They were the fastest after a class in two rounds. It is already the second GP victory this year for Lector. In the same Grand Prix, Nueva Epoca de Regor (s. Nabab de Rêve) was seventh with Karel Cox in the saddle.

In the Nations Cup on Friday Le Blue Diamond van 't Ruytershof was part of the Belgian team that finished third. Quickly v/d Kruishoeve took the win in the final for 6-year-olds ridden by Koen Vereecke.

Furthermore, Brian Moggre took second place in a 1.45m class on I'm Special V (s. I'm Special de Muze). Next Funky de Muze (s. Elvis Ter Putte) won in the 1.40m class ridden by Dimme d'Haese. Petronella Andersson and Ollister du Lys (s. Scendro) were 5th in a 1.40m class.


At Spruce Meadows, Vanessa Hood took a victory in the two star classes on Lou Lou VLS (s. Elvis Ter Putte). In the GP2*, there was a seventh place for Elisa Uribe Gutierrez and Havana de la Lande (s. Nabab de Rêve).


Pommerol de Muze (s. Emerald) jumped to fifth place in GP1* in Ommen under Alex David Gill. In the three star competition Maximilian Lill finished fifth in a 1.40m class riding Van Halen Z (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles).


Shane Sweetnam and Namaste van het Eyckeveld (s. Elvis Ter Putte) finished fifth in the GP3* in Traverse City. A little further on, in Tryon, Juan Ortiz took the ninth place on Kinky Boy van het Gildenhof (s. Nabab de Rêve), also in the GP of the three-star competition. For Lanzarote de Muze (s. Clinton), the GP2* in Vilamoura resulted in a seventh place with Francisco Rocha.

In Valkenswaard, Ines Joly finished fourth on Elvic v/h Hoeve-Terras Z (s. Elvis Ter Putte) in the 1.45m. Gentleman (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles) and Nicolo' Russello were good for second place in Montefalco (1.45m). Finally, in Kronenberg, there was a fourth place for Nicola Pohl riding Nikita du Roton (s. Elvis Ter Putte).

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