Bamako de Muze genes steal the show


Bamako de Muze genes steal the show

At the Palm Beach Equestrian Center in Wellington, the first edition of the Horseman Auction, WEF Edition, took place last weekend. This embryo auction was blessed with some exceptional Bamako de Muze-embryos, for example the most expensive one. This embryo out of a Heartbreaker-mare was sold for a whopping 22.568 euro. Another Bamako-embryo, this time out of a mother by Lord Z, raised 14.508 euro.

However, that is not the end of the Bamako embryo-story. In the upcoming ET-Auction, there are some genetic delicacies as well. What do you think of Bamako combined with Duchesse van de Rozenberg, more commonly known as the mother of Grand Cru van de Rozenberg? Amke-S, sired by Carthago and red-hot ‘Mare of the Year’ of the famous BWP-region Sint-Niklaas, also has a Bamako-embryo in this auction. We are not done yet, because there are also Bamako genes combined with the Qerly Chin dam line (through Fuga de Muze, f. Calato), with the Big Star dam line (through Notre Dame de Muze, f. Vigo d’Arsouilles) and last but not least with the same grandmother as Don VHP Z (f. Diamant de Semilly).

The rest of the collection has a lot to offer as well, for example two embryos that are very closely connected to Harrie Smolders’ superstar Emerald N.O.P., a very interesting embryo by sire to be Cristallo I combined with the Itôt du Chateau dam line, a Halifax van het Kluizebos that has Tinka’s Boy full sister as a grandmother and a Malito de Rêve embryo out of the ‘Roosakker’-dam line. The bidding starts on March 15th at 10.00 AM.

Shindler de Muze confirms

Over then to the international jumping arenas where the genes of Shindler de Muze showed their best side last weekend. Shindler himself unfortunately died too young, but the For Pleasure-son does impress with his progeny. In Royan, not fewer than three of his offspring jumped in the spotlights. Hugh Grant de Muze (rider: Frederic Bouvard), bred out of our top mare Fragance de Chalus, jumped to fourth place in a 1.45m-class and took the fifth spot in the GP. His full brother, Iorio, ridden by Aldrick Cheronnet, also jumped the same class and finished with a mischievous one point for time. Jérôme Gachignard and Great Miracle (mf. Mr. Blue) also showed their potential by grabbing a second place in a 1.45m-class.

Also in Braunschweig, Germany, Shindler de Muze was very well represented. Gentiane de la Pomme (mf. Diamant de Semilly) triumphed in a 1.50m-class ridden by Wilm Vermeir.

Querlybet Hero

Another sire that keeps confirming his exceptional qualities is Querlybet Hero. Last weekend, his progeny shone in Villeneuve-Loubet, where Rik Hemeryck jumped Tum Play du Jouas (mf. Voltigueur du Bois) to a fourth place (1.45m), but also in Gorla Minore (Italy). Here it was the mare Flying Girl (mf. Darco), ridden by the Swiss Simone Buhofer that took a fourth place as well.

Superstars by Nabab

Not to be scorned are the absolute stars that keep on appearing, sired by Nabab de Rêve. In Wellington, our former horse Cadeau de Muze jumped to 8/0 in the Nations Cup with Irishman Denis Lynch, while in Poland, Wojciech Wojcaniec and his Naccord Melloni keep on excelling with a victory (1.45m) and a second place (1.55m GP).

El Torreo and Mosito

We started this overview with some superstars to be and we end with a glimpse of some sires to be. At the freejumping contest of BWP-region Wambeek, our young stallions were omnipresent in the class for two-year-olds. Q’el Torrea van Essene, like the name suggests a daughter of El Torreo de Muze, emerged victorious, while Q Mosita van Essene, again quite obviously sired by Mosito van ‘t Hellehof, took second place. Finally the third spot was for Quismé van Spieringenberg, a daughter of Denzel van ‘t Meulenhof out of a mother by Nabab de Rêve.

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