Regulars continue to deliver top horses


Regulars continue to deliver top horses

Nababette Z (s. Nabab de Rêve) jumped to victory as part of the Swedish team in the Nations Cup at the Spruce Meadows 'Masters', Calgary, with world champion Henrik von Eckermann in the saddle.


In Swiss Ascona, Hunger Games du Champ du Bois (s. Elvis Ter Putte) made his mark with Romain Duguet. The duo finished tenth in the GP and also grabbed fourth place in a 1.55m class. Kevin Jochems and Flying Jackie (s. Nabab de Rêve) also did well. They finished fourth in both a 1.40m and a 1.45m class.


At the five-star show in Saugerties, Jimmy Torano jumped to place three in a 1.50m class on Hilaire (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles). This combination also finished fifth in a 1.45m class.

St. Tropez

Penelope Leprevost and Bingo del Tondou became third in the GP3* of St. Tropez. We also noted two fine placings by Melanie Cloarec riding Nora de Mariposa (s. Elvis Ter Putte) in two 1.45m classes. In the GP2*, H5 Ganesh Hero Z (s. Gemini xx) jumped to place ten under Carlos Hank Guerreiro.

Mâcon Chaintré

Dynamite du Miral (s. Nabab de Rêve) stood out in Mâcon Chaintré. Ridden by Benoit Cernin, the mare jumped to fifth place in a 1.50m class. For Pedro Veniss and Nimrod de Muze (s. Nabab de Rêve) there was a fourth place in the 1.45m.


Just missing out for Bronislav Chudyba and Vroom de la Pomme Z (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles) in the Samorin GP2*. They finished second. Furthermore, they also achieved a nice placing in a 1.40m class.


In the GP3* of Traverse City, Lucy Deslauriers jumped to place nine on Enanda (s. Nabab de Rêve). At the two-star show in Warsaw, there was a fourth place for Kevin Gonzalez de Zarate Fernandez on London Times PS (s. Nabab de Rêve) in the 1.45m. Finally, Aurelia Guisson jumped to victory in a 1.40m class in Bonheiden on Explosion vh Legita Hof Z (s. Elvis Ter Putte).

BWP National Foal Championship

The offspring of our stallions also made their mark in the final of the BWP National Foal Championship. Wodam van de Dweerhoeve (s. Mosito van het Hellehof; f: Jean Baert) finished fourth in the colts category. Wiseguy van 't Jonkersleen (s. Cavalier Russe Z; f: Marc and Eline Coghe) was placed tenth and Winston de Haquet (s. Kasanova de la Pomme; f: Kris De Brauwer) eleventh.

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