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1. Forfait veterinary supervision - boarding

The cost of scanning the mare at our station is €180 incl. VAT per mare for the entire season. 

The pension fee is €7.5 excl. VAT per day and per horse.

The station is not responsible for damage, illness or injury to people, animals or means of transport. Horses stabled with us or offered for insemination or service always remain under the responsibility of the owner.

2. Stud fees at the station

If the mare is inseminated or flushed here, the stud fee is paid when the (carrier) mare is 6 weeks pregnant, and is guaranteed for 5 months. Please bring the studbook paper (or copy) of your mare with you at the first mating.

The stud fees of our stallions can be found on the stallion page.

3. Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer by appointment only via: +32 (0)3 / 777 78 27.

At the start of the season a deposit of €500 excl. The first pregnant carrier mare (at 6 weeks' gestation) is charged with a balance of €2,750 excluding VAT. The following pregnant carrier mares each time at €3250 excl. vat at 6 weeks' gestation. This rate includes the entire package of the following services: performing the embryo flush, the possible embryo transfer into the carrier mare and the renting of the carrier mare until the moment of weaning.

Costs for only implanting a delivered embryo and renting the carrier mare are €3000 excl. vat: €500 excl. vat to be paid as an advance at first implantation and the balance (€2500 excl. vat) at 6 weeks gestation of the carrier mare.

Costs for implanting a frozen embryo and renting the carrier mare are €3,500 excl. VAT, payable at 6 weeks' gestation of the carrier mare.

The carrier mare must be collected when she is 6 weeks pregnant, from this day on we can charge a stable fee.

We give 5 month gestation guarantee on the Embryo Transfer / carrier mare, after this 5 month, the risk for the carrier mare is for us and the risk for the embryo is for the customer.

An advance payment paid without any further result is always kept for next season.


Contact us for our OPU/ICSI conditions via info@jorisdebrabander.be or +32 (3) / 777 78 27.


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