Artificial Insemination

We always have a place available for your mare during the breeding season. We both have boxes and outdoor grazing available.

Fee for a stable or for outdoor is 7,5 euro excl. vat per day and per horse.

Package for the veterinary supervision of your mare is 180 euro incl. 21% vat, this is charged at first controle and is valid for an entire season regardless of the numbers of checks/inseminations.

Embryo Transfer

For decades we have been one of the founders of the Embryo Transfer technique in Europe. We always strive to have a suitable surrogate mare ready for the embryos of one of our stallions. Of course we also try to serve all other customers as well as possible.

For the first embryo transfer, an advance of 500 euros excl. VAT will be charged, for the first pregnant surrogate mare at 6 weeks the balance of 2,750 euros excl. VAT will be charged.

The following pregnant surrogate mares each cost 3,250 euros excl. VAT, payable when pregnant at 6 weeks. This always contains the embryo flushing, transfer and rental of the surrogate mare.


We are fully involved in the development of the most modern reproductive techniques.

You can always contact us for all the possibilities.

EU Stallion Station

Since 2021, we are a National and European recognized Stallion Station, allowing us to ship the fresh semen of our stallions all over Europe.

On our stallion page you will find all the details of our stallions.

We can send frozen semen from several of our stallions worldwide, contact us for more information.

Order semen

Fresh semen only by ordering by phone, for frozen semen please send us an email.

Order semen

For all your questions and advice, please contact us by phone or email.

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