Butterfly Flip damline keeps impressing


Butterfly Flip damline keeps impressing

WC Stuttgart

Flip’s Little Sparrow, daughter of our breeding mare Butterfly Flip keeps showing off her qualities. After becoming Swedish champion last week with Stefanie Holmen, she added a fifth place in the World Cup Qualifier in Stuttgart to her curriculum. Out of Butterfly Flip, we have bred among others Next Flip de Muze Z (f. Nabab de Rêve), Vigo’s Flip de Muze Z (f. Vigo d’Arsouilles), Naughty Flip de Muze Z (f. Norton d’Eole) and Elle Flip de Muze Z (f. Elvis Ter Putte), all of them being halfbrothers and -sisters to Flip’s Little Sparrow (photo: Vigo's Flip de Muze Z).


At the four star event in Rouen, Gravity of Greenhill (f. Nabab de Rêve) stood in the spotlight thanks to his seventh place in the GP, ridden by Guillaume Batillat. Furthermore, Uraeus Blanc HDC (f. Nabab de Rêve) and Patrice Delaveau ended second in a 1.40m-class. Last but not least, there was a second spot for Emerald Sitte (f. Nabab de Rêve) and Alice Laine in the GP1*.

Even more Nabab

Nabab’s offspring also impressed in Italian Vermezzo with Dieudonné de Guldenboom keeping up the honour of Stal de Muze. With Jane Richard Philips in the saddle, Dieudonné finished second in a 1.50m-class.


The young horses were the protagonist in Kronenberg last weekend. In the classes for five- and six-year-old horses, there were notable performances from Nanou van het Dennehof (f. Elvis Ter Putte) with Brieanne Dofort, Houdini van de Dijk (f. Vigo d’Arsouilles) with Abdel Saïd, Van Halen Z (f. Vigo d’Arsouilles) with Guido Klatte Jr, Hayley (f. Glock’s London, ex-Carembar de Muze) with Omer Karaevli and Seacoast Monalisa van ‘t Paradijs (f. Bamako de Muze) with Gudrun Patteet. Loukas de la Noue (f. Malito de Rêve) and Giavanna Rinaldi repeated that performance in the classes for seven-year-olds.


At the U25-competition in Opglabbeek, Bamako de Muze delivered the necessary jumping genes resulting in a fourth place for Max Sebrechts and Cacacha van ‘t Schaeck in the U25 1.45m-competition. Simon Prouvé and Kamira Prova (f. Nabab de Rêve) became sixth in the same class.

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